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Our in-house development team excels at putting together custom designs and because every client has slightly different requirements, every design Online Marketing Group produces is custom. We have been building responsive website designs for years now and it comes with your website by default and no extra charge. We’re always up to speed with new website developments and there are plenty. As a company we believe in skills investment and our staff are trained in new techniques regularly. 

Three years is a long time for a website these days and we do website refreshes and comb overs particularly for existing clients. There are new technologies coming out all the time, and you can take advantage of these, making your website better and more user friendly. Once your customer arrives at your site, you must convert them and good design at this level is vital as it builds trust in your brand. It’s the first step and if it’s not there, potentially you lose that customer.

It’s all part of our overall strategy for success in the digital domain. Come and chat to us now.

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