Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social Media Marketing

What is Social Media Marketing SMM?

To create content that attracts attention and encourages readers to share it across their social networks.

How can it grow your brand / product?

By driving more website traffic and leads to your product.

How much should I budget for?

From $199 a month depending on the package created to meet your needs.

Would you like a FREE Report on what we can do for your business?

This report will show what your missing in your current social media profile.  Ideas for improvement, recommendations to make it better and more profitable.

Other information

Social Profile Management

  • Especially created for busy executives, we'll manage your social profiles & online presence to make sure you get the maximum value from social media without having to spend your time online!
  • What are others are  saying about you online when you’re not looking? We can protect your online image by managing Twitter and Google alerts relevant to you & your business.

Small Business Social Media Consulting 

  • We can help your business get started marketing it's services online using Social Media sites such as: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube, Pinterest, Blogs and more
  • We'll show you the tools you need to manage these sites in a short amount of time each day to increase your traffic & sales  

With a 24-hour response service, you can rest assured your business is going to always have the necessary support it needs to keep your social media marketing on the right track. 

Should you not find what you’re looking for the Social Media Product List, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us so that we can put together a package that’ll fit your personal needs. 

Facebook facts...

  • People check their News Feed about 14 times per day!!
  • 30 % of news is consumed through Facebook
  • About 26 million US Hispanics are on Facebook
  • Facebook is paying close attention to video content! They will be soon making changes to the content manager so we’re able to do more cool stuff ( Sort of what YouTube allows us to do)
  • How many times should we post on FB? More than we think! 
  • How the newsfeed now works :
    - Content is shown on an individuals’ news feed in order of “rank” which is calculated by the amount of engagement that person has with that particular person or page. 
    - No one’s news feed is the same, the newsfeed is tailored to each person individually based on what they like, engage with the most, who their family members are, what pages they follow or unfollow etc
    - Content will not show in order of publishing date, it will be in order of most engaging (we knew that)
    - Content can now have an end date ( will help us when creating posts that are not relevant after a certain time period.. i.e if you are posting for a TV company and need to write tune in posts or if you’re holding some kind of contest)
    - We can now target posts by interest, this comes handy if you’re a company with many types of content or products that may not be of interest to ALL your fans
    - Post as many times as we want, as long as it’s quality content because the newsfeed’s algorithm will not allow you “overwhelm”, “spam” or “bombard” people (it’s really hard to get your content seen on Facebook so it doesn’t matter how many times you post) The more the merrier ... they really stressed this one.
  • Facebook Q & As feature allows for more organic reach (we should take advantage of that) 
  • Facebook is always changing, so never stick to ONE single strategy, it may work today but not forever!

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