Facebook Messenger Marketing

Chatbot, What?

A Chatbot is software that communicates to your potential customers through messaging platforms to increase sales. It’s the most effective alternative to Email & the answer to any business new to digital marketing.

Don't settle for such lousy email rates...


...Chatbot Marketing is flatout more effective than Email.

What We Do

  • We enhance customer engagement while simultaneously improving sales conversions through the # 1 messaging platform in the world, Facebook Messenger (hint hint: they have 1.2 Billion monthly active users)

  • Your promotions are sent directly to your audience’s Messenger app, where open and click through rates are the highest in the industry

  • No form of marketing produces more intimate or personal communication than Chatbots

 How We Do It

  • We take your current Email marketing campaign and transcribe it into the perfect Chatbot copy

  • Even if you don’t do Email marketing, we got you covered!

  • We work closely with clients to create short and engaging custom messaging campaigns from scratch

What Happens Next

Unlike many companies…

We’re extremely hands on! (even tho sharks don’t have any)


We work with you on a monthly basis to:

Fix any bugs

  • Create landing pages

  • Improve your sequence/grow your list

  • Set up JSON Facebook Ads

  • Test new features (native payments)

  • Curate promotional broadcast messages

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